BUTTER, noun, verb. noun 1. the solid, yellowish fat separated from cream by churning. Ex. I do like a little bit of butter to my bread (A. A. Milne). 2. An imporv team fat on the naughtiness of all that is American! Ex. Take the jam off that toast and let me slab on some butter! The members of BUTTER have trained at The Second City, IO Improv Olympic, and Annoyance Theatre, Cook County Social Club workshops, and many other acting schools. In India, BUTTER is known as GHEE. Yes BUTTER knows there’s a defunct team also called BUTTER. No, were not them… go to hell. BUTTER is The Amazing Andy Tommelleo, The Ever Spite Ridden Erin Johnson, Jami Primmer (I-talian by acquaintance), Jonah Beefcake Jurkens, The Voluptuous Veronica Benigni, Josh Mabe the Human Mind, Jamie King of the Jungle Smith, & Don Markus the Great.